Nordanstigs Spelmanslag

Bob Dylan på Globen
28 mars 2007

Delar av Nordanstigs Spelmanslag bänkade på 7:e rad.

Bara en halvtimme kvar...

Bob vid sitt keyboard.


Lineup till ovationer från delar av Nordanstigs Spelmanslag.

Bob drar från arenan.

Foto: Jon-Olov

Set list

1. Cat's In The Well
(Bob on electric guitar, Donnie on violin)

2. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
(Bob on electric guitar, Tony on standup bass)

3. Watching The River Flow (Bob on electric guitar)

4. It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
(Bob on electric guitar, Tony on standup bass)
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5. When The Deal Goes Down
(Bob on electric guitar, Stu on acoustic guitar)
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6. Honest With Me
(Bob on electric keyboard)

7. Girl Of The North Country
(Bob on electric keyboard and harp)

8. Tangled Up In Blue
(Bob on electric keyboard and harp)

9. Country Pie
(Bob on electric keyboard)

10. Nettie Moore
(Bob on electric keyboard, Donnie on violin)

11. Rollin' And Tumblin'
(Bob on electric keyboard, Donnie on electric mandolin)

12. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
(Bob on electric keyboard, Donnie on electric mandolin)
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13. Summer Days
(Bob on electric keyboard)

14. Like A Rolling Stone
(Bob on electric keyboard)

15. Thunder On The Mountain
(Bob on electric keyboard)

16. All Along The Watchtower
(Bob on electric keyboard)

En tub tandkräm
Review by Mikael Peterson
(Källa: www.expectingrain.com)

Time at last for my third review. You can read my previous ones on older tour guides; Gothenburg 05 10 21 and Brussels 05 11 01.

Took of wednesday from near Gothenburg with a fellow bobcat, driving (well he was) all the some 400 kilometres to Stockholm in beauthiful wheather, sunny skies, blistering sun and of course, spirits high.

Made it to the Capitol in good time to collect some setlists at a hotel, courtesy of Manfred...thanks...

We arrived at the venue in good time, me for quick drinks, and Tomas for T-shirts...( I think he purchased TEN!!!)

Bob came on more than half an hour late and from get go I knew it was gonna be good...opening with a fantastic "Cat´s in the well"....well it was a gorgeous version and a great sound and everything was perfect...I must´ve died and gone to heaven, he´s actually playing guitar again, thank you Bob!!!

You´ve seen the setlist i guess, but let me just say that highlights for me were "deal goes down" " Tangled up in blue" (with some breathtaking phrasing, I can´t believe he´s actually renewed this one AGAIN!), "Thunder..." and a nuclear"Watchtower"...but outstanding this time, my absolute Dylanmoment was "Netty Moore"...WOW! can´t even begin to describe the beauty of it... Bob´´s voice was the clearest and strongest throughout the show that I´ve heard since 2000, possibly even 1996....

After the show we decided to skip hotels and stuff, and drive back all the way... Well, so we did and by the time we got to Örebro, Tomas, who was driving, decided he was getting too tired to continue, so we pulled over by a Statoil gas station and he made himself comfortable in the back of our minivan...however, as it turned out, I was snoring too hard for him to sleep, so he decided to go into the round the clock open joint for a cup of coffee.

As he entered, the guy at the counter asked; ".-Did you see Dylan?" "Why, yes, we just got back from the show..." Tomas replied... (guy pointing out the window)"-Well he´s standing right there!" And there he was, headin for one of two big black buses, surrounded by at least six or seven body guards, covered by a hood, of course...and headin´for Oslo...

As it turned out he was stopping for toothpaste(!!!), well what do you know... True story, I was asleep in the car anyway so it took Tomas some time to convince me that he was´nt joking...

Well see you all in Gothenburg Sunday, looking forward to that, and then April 8, I´m off to Scotland for a weeks holyday with the April 11 Glasgowgig as highlight...If you´re going there, or have some other kind of input, or maybe even are able to accomodate me and my frien after the show, my E-mail adress is; mikaeljokerman@yahoo.se